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Purpose The Avro-Editor is a viewer / editor / compare Utility for Avro Binary message files.
Author Bruce Martin
Requirements Java 6

In the Editor, a Avro File is displayed as a Tree with each record displayed as a Node. You can update the fields or press the buttons on the Left for a detailed record View:

Individual records can also be displayed:

Compare Utility

The package can also compare 2 Avro binary files and display the results on the screen or write the result as a HTML file:


There are several limitations to be aware of

  1. Unions - Very limited support. Only 2 element union where one item is null are supported i.e.
      Union {null, Record01} field1;
      Union {null, float} field2;
      are supported but the following are not supported
      Union {float, double} field1;
      Union {null, float, double} field2;
      Union {float, record3} field3;

  2. Elementary maps can only be editted via there popups. To edit a
      map<float> FloatMap;
    you must use the popup arrow.

  3. Anything I have not thought of doing.


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